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Makeup Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Lip Stick :

1. Pick the right color :

A better idea is to test the lipstick on your fingertip, that way, you can hold the color next to your face to see how it looks. No mirror? Your finger is still a better gauge since it's similar in color and texture to your lips.

2. Get buff :

For the prettiest finish, run your toothbrush over your lips to exfoliate any dry skin. Post-scrub, lipstick will glide on without caking.

3. Extend the life of your lipstick :

 Apply a coat of regular lipstick, then press it with a single-ply tissue and powder lightly (over the tissue) with a puff or brush. This sets the color and prevents running and feathering.

4. Plump up :

For a finishing touch, dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of silver or gold lip gloss. Any makeup artist worth his shimmer powder will tell you this is the fastest route to creating the illusion of fullness.

Fresh Eye-Deas :

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

1. Fight droop :

Lightly shade the area just above the arch of your brow with a nude or white liner and blend, this subtly lights up your face and creates the illusion of higher brows and lids, which is great for droopy or tired eyes.

2. Smudge-proof your liner :

Apply it with a pencil or a tiny brush, then trace over the line with a matching powder shadow.

3. Make your eyes look larger :

Place a lash curler at the roots of your lashes, then slowly walk it out to the tips, pressing as you go.

4. Outsmart your mascara :

Love the waterproof kind but hate wrestling to remove it? applies a coat of regular mascara first, then tops it with waterproof. This way, the waterproof formula locks onto the other mascara instead of your lashes, so it comes off more easily when you want it to.

5. Widen your eyes :

To look more refreshed, use white or nude eyeliner — but this time, below your eyes, not above. Pull down gently on your undereye and trace the line between the lower lashes and the inside rim. Stop before you reach your tear ducts.

Complexion Perfector :

1. Conceal flaws :

A full face of foundation or too much concealer can look unnatural. Use cover-up only where you need it and, where you don't, letting your own skin shine through. Blend.

2. Try a soft touch :

Your ring finger is the perfect tool for applying makeup. The more powerful index finger may apply color too boldly or tug too much on your delicate skin.

3. Look luminous :

Every face has natural shadows, and you'll look better if you brighten them. To find the shady spots, just smile at yourself in the mirror. You'll see darker areas, like your Cupid's bow, under your bottom lip and at the inner corners of your eyes. To lighten those areas, dab on shimmery white eye shadow. Blend if necessary.


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