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Beauty Subliminal Messages

What is Subliminal message?

the formal definition of a subliminal message is « any sensory stimuli below an individual's threshold for conscious perception ».

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 Basically, these are messages that stand below your consciousness, there are three types of mind, you have your conscious mind, your unconscious mind and your subconscious mind, so your conscious mind is when you're awake and you're aware of everything that's going on, your unconscious mind means that you are not aware and you are not awake, like if someone gets knocked out or if someone is put under anesthesia. 
Your subconscious is your thoughts in your mind that you are not directly aware of but do affect your daily life, the word « sub » literally means below so basically the subliminal messages below threshold means in your subconscious mind, these are where all of your desires and fears come from, your past things that are kind of engraved and rooted in you that are here but you're not really aware that they're there, such as like limiting. 

So subliminal messages are interpreted through your subconscious, you're receiving the info but you're not consciously registering the information.

What science says about Subliminal Message:

I know this sounds super crazy, but this is a kind of science behind how subliminal messages affect you. Your brain has billions of neurons and they're connected in three-dimensional patterns and your neurons are like your nerve cells each has the possibility to connect to hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of other neurons and every connection is something that you learn it's new and your brain is capable of processing hundreds of thousand functions every second, so it can be like multiple different things, like all at once, basically like you're exposed to so many different things and you can only interpret and process the things that you kind of choose consciously to perceive.

Your brain only processes what it thinks necessary info, the other informations or down in your subconscious and your subconscious registers everything.

Subliminal messages are used also on commercial marketing, they use logos, colors, photos, and text to manipulate people and get them to buy their products.

How to use Subliminal Messages

When it comes to the law of attraction, you're seeing how people use this through advertising their products and their businesses, so why not use it to your advantage, and manipulate your brain into being more confident, being happier, to stop smoking or any positive thinking you can easily do by using subliminal messages and basically advertising for yourself what you want in life.

sometimes when people say the law of attraction isn't working for me, it comes from doubts and fears and limiting beliefs, because the subconscious mind isn't aligning with their conscious mind.

  • Audio Messages:

The first advice is to use audio messages, they have so many of these on YouTube, they have messages in them as positive affirmations, but they mask it with these really calming music and those messages you can't hear through the human mind because they're at a higher frequency that the human mind consciously can't hear, so it goes literally above your conscious mind and directly into your subconscious mind.

They are different subliminal messages, like stop smoking, motivation, success, confidence, beauty...they are a lot of messages for whatever you're trying to attain you can do it to help with depression and anxiety you know things that you're trying to overcome. 
  • Repetition and Consistency:
But there is one thing if you want results, it is repetition and consistency, in order to kind of train your brain and change those subconscious feelings and thoughts and beliefs that you have so it takes time and repetition. 

  •  Focus:

whatever your focus is on that's what you're going to receive when you are doing subliminal messages really put your focus and attention into them because that's again when you're gonna see results because whatever you focus on that's what you're going to start seeing and life is gonna start shifting and changing and based on what you're focusing on, so when you focus on whatever you're trying to obtain through these subliminal messages and you really workout them and you're focusing on them throughout the day and seeing new opportunities and things that come your way.

  • Believe:
The last tip is to believe, you can't obtain anything unless you really believe in the process, if you're doing subliminal messages and thinking that it’s not gonna work, so it’s not gonna work, because you don't believe it.


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