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28 Secretes For Eye Makeup

every thing you should know about eye makeup
Photo by Jessica Gaudioso from Pexels

  1. If you want to have a long-lasting and impressive eye makeup with your eyeliner it's a very good idea to turn it into a gel, this magician is done in literally one second, by holding your pencil under the flame for just one second and letting it cool for some 15 seconds more. This will help you have a steadier and smoother eyeliner effect.
  2.  In case you want to nicely accentuate the eyeshadow, you may just cover the whole eyelid with white liner to create a sort of background for the rest of the shades.
  3.  Creativity and resourcefulness are things you can always use for anything including makeup. So going for this type of solution, you may, for instance, use a spoon to make those ideal arrows in the corners of the eyes. For doing this you'll need to make the straight line with the outer side and the curve, holding the liner against the rounded side. Then just fill the space that might be left between the lines.
  4.  if the smokey effect is what you're aiming for, another creative way is drawing a hashtag right where the smokey look should be and then just blend it for the ideal result.
  5.  And once more the spoon may come to help you, this time to create the ideal accent on the lashes with mascara without leaving marks on the upper eyelid. holding it between the lashes and the lid, you'll avoid those mascara marks that would go on the lid otherwise. using a business card instead of a spoon can also be practiced.
  6. The same technique is also useful for the mascara application on the lower lids and lashes.
  7. Using a scotch instead of the spoon for clearly marked and nicely created looks and techniques like the cat-eye is another useful makeup tip you may follow.
  8. talking about perfecting the eye makeup with help of the accents on lashes, we should also share one more tip with you, telling about how to curl lashes easily. For doing this you need a simple step, which is heating the curler with a hair drier before the application. Be sure not to overheat it not to burn the lashes.
  9. To plump your lashes, even more, a simple trick like using some translucent powder before the mascara is a great thing,g you can do.
  10. If you're having hard times struggling to get the false lash glue tight into its place all over along the lids, a simple thing like bobby pin can be irreplaceable for you.
  11. Other extremely creative and crazy techniques you can opt for are transforming a loose eyeshadow into a lip-gloss for instance! To get this you need to blend the eyeshadow you have with some salve or petroleum jelly and apply it to the lips after mixing, it's easy and effective.
  12. If you are having hard times rewetting your mascara, you may simply add some saline solution to it and there you go with your mascara feeling like brand-new! Still, it's recommended not keeping mascara for more than three months, since after that it collects bacteria and causes infections.
  13. Another way to make this work is by adding some eye drops to it and mix it with the mascara.
  14. And for making it last longer, you need to avoid pumping mascara all the time, since this gets air into the tube and dries the wand.
  15. Another useful technique for hiding the eye bags with a concealer is doing it with a certain sequence and focus. thus, first of all, you'll need to mark and highlight the crease of the bag, and then apply a darker shade of foundation on the entire space the puffy look fade away.
  16. Properly highlighting the eyes is also important for successful eye makeup. Thus, starting with the lighter tones like white, cream, and pearl applied to the inner corners, the middle top part and the part under the brow bone, you need to go with the darker tones.
  17. Just like the highlight, eyeshadow application also depends on the type of your eyes and the effect you want to achieve. To find out the exact shape of your eyes and match and accentuate it with the correct type of eye makeup.
  18. To make your eyes look bigger, the most effective and time-proof technique is using white eyeliner for the lower inner lids. In contrast with black eyeliner, the white option nicely accentuates the shape of the eyes, making them visually bigger. 
  19. There is also a great way to avoid the painful moments when using false eyelashes. For doing all these procedures without causing much pain, first of all, apply a slight layer of powder before the mascara. The powder needs to be applied to the top and the bottom of the lashes and can also be replaced by a softer variant like baby powder. Further, you need to apply two tones of mascara to the bottom and top parts of the lashes, having some stops of three to five minutes in between each, to avoid the clumpy look, try to cover all of the lashes with mascara, not just going from bottom to top, but going back and forth repeatedly. Finally, you just need to check if there are any gaps left, and then fill those with liquid eyeliner or the tip of the wand for the complete look.
  20. When curling eyelashes, it is also recommended double curling the lashes with inverted direction, starting with the usual position with the handle held downward, and repeating the curling with the handle held upwards for the double effect.
  21. In order to create a visually higher arch above the eye, you just need that magical white or any other light matte pencil, which you need to apply to the whole length of the brow and blend it until it diffuses.
  22. If you don't want to use waterproof eyeliner and don't want the usual one to go downward shortly as you apply it, there is a nicer way of doing that. For the most successful results, you need a white loose powder to apply it right under the lid to prevent the liner's going down, creating a sort of barrier for it.
  23. In order to lift your eye makeup, you just need to apply some small proportions of a highlighter above the eyebrow and blend it. This does work instantly!
  24. Don't get rid of the expired mascara wands. just wash them and keep them for use for other purposes, like using them as eyebrow brushes for filling the brows in and making them look thicker and better.
  25. For softening the possibly harsh line drawn by the eyeliner, you need a simple trick. Just use some brown eyeshadow over the liner and instantly soften the liner and make it more delicate and smooth.
  26. If brow gel is what you're missing at the moment, you can replace it with a lip balm. You need to apply it with your finger, fixing the place and the shape of your brows exactly.
  27. To gift your shattered eyeshadow or blush a new life, just add some rubbing alcohol to them and mix this until you get a smooth mass. Leave it for a night and in the morning you'll find some brand-new products.
  28. Finally, you need to know all about the time you can keep and use each makeup product in order to avoid undesirable effects like infections caused by the bacteria that appear in your makeup products. thus, in case of mascara it's 3 to 4 months, blushes and powders from 12 to 18 months, nail polish will go far about 2 years, lipsticks live for 12 to 18 months, the foundation is to be kept for 6 to 12 months, and eye pencil is recommended using for 18 to 24 months.


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