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Morning And Night Routine

Morning Routine

  • Morning routine for beginners:

Everyone, no matter how expert, needs a basic routine. This applies whether you are just beginning or only have five minutes in the morning.

  1. cleansing is the best thing you can do for your skin in the morning. Never skip this step.
  2. Toner brings extra hydration to the skin. It prevents the feeling of dryness after cleansing and helps your cream to penetrate better. You can't do without it.
  3. Cream or lotion provides essential hydration. In fact, without it, there is no treatment, so this is always required.
  4. Sun cream Is needed every day, regardless of the weather. Never skip this step.

  • Morning Routine For Experts:

An expert routine requires two basic things, knowing your skin very well and having time to complete all the steps.

  1. double-cleansing is a two-step process that's always required, even though you may think you might already have clean skin after the previous night"s routine. The fact is that after sleep, there are impurities, residues, dead cells and sebum to be eliminated. Also, this step helps to activate circulation. Cleansing oil removes all the products you have used the previous night. The water-based cleanser removes impurities and leaves the skin ready for the steps that follow.
  2. Exfoliant Ideally a mechanical exfoliant, should be used whenever you can. It"s best to use chemical exfoliants only at night.
  3. Toner is essential to restore the skin's pH level after cleansing and to avoid the sensation of tightness.
  4. Essence will help the other products to penetrate better.
  5. Serum provides hydration with hyaluronic acid or collagen.
  6. Eye Cream or hydrogel patches help to decongest the eye area. They are great if you haven't slept much and notice your eyes look tired, or if you have bags under them.
  7. Lotion and cream are both applied and in this order, if you have very dry skin. If your skin is normal, combination or oily, apply only one of these products.
  8. Sun cream is the final step and can be applied as a cream or in a BB cushion format, which will also give a little color to the face.

Night Routine:

  • Night routine for beginners:

 The basic night routine is very similar to the basic morning one but includes an extra step, the first cleanser. The skin accumulates toxins during the day, so keeping it clean is essential.
  1. Double- cleansing involves two steps, and you have to do both, whether or not you're wearing makeup: Makeup remover or cleansing oil must be used to remove makeup, any cream or sun cream, and sebum from the skin. You can choose a balm or oil format. The water-based cleanser removes impurities. Foams or gels are a good option.
  2. Toner hydrates the skin after cleansing and prevents the feeling of tightness.
  3. Serum or mask instead of applying sun cream, we can give extra care to the skin by applying a serum or a mask before the cream.
  4. The cream provides the final layer of hydration.

  • Night Routine For Experts:

  1. Double- cleansing is required and is exactly the same as in the basic routine.
  2. Exfoliant, specifically chemical exfoliant, is best used at night so that the skin will not be immediately exposed to the sun after using it. Remember, don't mix it with other Alpha-hydroxyl acid or Beta-hydroxyl acid, or with other physical exfoliants or enzymes. An exfoliant is not applied every day, so you can alternate it with other treatments that contain ingredients incompatible with it and thus avoid any risk of irritation.
  3. Cleansing Mask is also best used at night when you generally have more time. Choose one that suits your skin type and include it in your routine once every seven to ten days. Clay masks absorb impurities and must go before any hydration step.
  4. Toner is essential in any routine, but especially after using a cleansing mask because it re-balances the skin's pH.
  5. The single-use face mask is a hydrating treatment but is not used every day, unless it contains ingredients that are non-aggressive to the skin, such as hyaluronic acid or collagen.
  6. Essense although the face mask already contains the essence, if you want to do the full routine, you have to apply it again after the mask. For this reason, we recommend that you remove any excess product from the mask with cotton wool or tissue and only leave on what your skin can absorb.
  7. The serum is best applied at night because it is a powerful treatment used for dealing with a specific issue.
  8. Eye cream or hydrogel patches should be applied before face cream to create a protective barrier around the delicate eye area. Never use facial cream as an eye cream. If using hydrogel patches, you can apply them at the same time as the single-use face mask, slipping them underneath it, to make the most of the 20 minutes.
  9. The cream is the best option at night, even though you might have replaced it with lotion in the morning routine. the cream is denser, but the texture won't bother you while you're asleep.
  10.  Sleaping pack replaces sun cream in the night routine but does not have to be used every night. It provides an extra layer of hydration to the skin and leaves it looking perfect the next day.


If you forget the order of the steps, just check the density of the products. In general, you begin with the thickest. The sequence of applying products is known as layering


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